Christian Birthday Wishes: Cards for friend

If life is a blessing, it is also to have someone special in our lives and for being her one of those people who give us joy, today we want to dedicate these cards for friend with special Christian Birthday Wishes.

Christian Birthday Wishes peace

If one day they ask me about the blessings of my life; I will say that among so many gifts of God, to know you was one of the most special because you’ve always been to support me and I promise I’ll always do the same for you. Happy Birthday, Friend!

Christian Birthday Wishes lord

I am sure that God always puts the right people on our path because although not all stay with us, always leave us lessons and it teaches us every day and so do not forget to dedicate these cards with Christian Birthday Wishes.

Christian Birthday Wishes numbers

God has bestowed the blessing of beauty on all women but in you shines more than ever because you are a great person who has enlightened many life with happiness. Happy Birthday friend! God bless you!

Christian Birthday Wishes proverbs

She was always there to help and protect us if it was necessary and now it is our turn for so many things that he did for ourselves without asking for anything in return and for it, there is nothing better than these messages and Christian Birthday Wishes

Christian Birthday Wishes

Only God knows how much time we have but instead of worrying about it, it is better to sing, dance and do all the things that make us happy and clear, we do not forget that special person who we are happy always and who is dedicated with special affection These Christian Happy Birthday Cards.